For Detailed Directions see pp. 8-9 of Advisor Handbook.

       In PeopleSoft, lift studentís Advising hold.Term Code: 4132 (Summer), 4134 (Fall).

       In PeopleSoft, check studentís check Program Plan (and for AA/AS students, Academic Pathway).If inaccurate, have students complete a Program Change form.

       Check for progress on Mandatory Placement.

       Provide Program Plan information.For UK Transfer Students, provide UK Pathway.

       Recommend additional services as needed:

o   Transfer Center (for transfer students)

o   Career Counseling (for undecided students)

o   Tutorial Services (for struggling/at risk students)

       Review/Share the Student Billing Web pages for payment deadlines, payment plans and more.Review the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.

       Share the Advising Information handout with students.Be sure to add your contact information to the CONTACT INFORMATION paragraph at the very bottom.

       Encourage students to complete the Advisor Evaluation.