Bluegrass Community and Technical College’s Learning Resource Center, <
http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/>, provides many useful resources for distance education instructors. A great deal of our resources are now online, providing equivalent access to our online students as our face-to-face students.

There is an Extended Campus Librarian, Steve Stone, who will be glad to help you with the library component of your classes. Steve can help you tweak assignments to make them more friendly for online students, make handouts or web pages for the information needs of your online students, or teach library skills online through threaded discussion or real-time chat. Any type of research assignment that you are giving for a face-to-face class can be made appropriate for an online class, often with very minor changes. Contact Steve if you would like to talk about using library functions in your online class or have any questions about any of the services listed below:

Steve Stone
(859) 246-6387 (w)
(859) 509-9690 (c)

9.1.   Databases

The LRC provides access to a wide range of electronic databases.  Students can also find a very useful research guide, <
http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/reg/>, which offers clear and concise directions on how to use the databases the LRC offers as well as gives good tips on keyword searching and research strategies.

9.1.1.      Proxy Access < http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/ezproxy/>

Access to the LRC databases is password protected, but requires no additional software or reconfiguration of students’ web browsers.  Students will be prompted for the same PeopleSoft user ID and password that they use for registration and for email.

9.1.2.      Articles: Academic Search Premier <http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/articles/>

Look for Academic Search Premier under “General”                                                                                                              

The Academic Search Premier database, offered by EBSCOhost has the most full-text articles of any of our databases. This is the same database provided by the Kentucky Virtual Library.

9.1.3.      Articles: Academic OneFile (formerly InfoTrac) <<http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/articles/> Look for Academic OneFile under “General”

The Expanded Academic ASAP database within InfoTrac offers a very powerful search engine and provides access to a wide variety of scholarly journals as well as popular press offerings.

*TIP* The subject guide provides quick access articles organized in categories and subcategories

9.1.4.      Books: KCTCS Online Catalog <http://kctcs.kyvl.org>

Access to LRC library holdings is now provided by the KCTCS Library Catalog.  Students must remember to restrict searches to BCTC library: Under “Limit search to a single library” select “Bluegrass CTC: All.” The catalog will also point you to books that are available to read online full-text through ebrary.


9.1.5.      Books:  ebrary http://blc-lrc.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/login?url=http://site.ebrary.com/lib/bluegrasskctcs


The ebrary service provides full-text books that are fully searchable online. The books can be read online in their entirety, or selections can be printed, or copied and pasted into word processing documents. The collection is not very large, but a variety of recent scholarly books are included.

9.1.6.      Other Databases

The LRC provides access to a large number of other databases, many specialized in particular fields.  This list changes as librarians examine new and different databases.  Visit the LRC for the full list.  If you need access to particular database or a particular kind of information, contact the LRC. 

9.2.   Electronic Course Reserves <http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/reserves/>.

The Electronic Course Reserves provide a very useful resource for online instructors.  Materials are placed in an electronic format, typically Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) files, and password protected.  Students are given a userID and password and may access these materials from any Internet connection.

All copyright laws apply, but faculty, under academic fair use, may request that selections from books and magazines be made available to students.  LRC librarians will assist in scanning materials into an appropriate electronic format.

9.3.   Interlibrary Loan <http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/interlibrary_loan/>

Interlibrary loan (ILL) permits online students to checkout books from other libraries.  This can be particularly useful for students in remote locations.  Via ILL, students can use their local public libraries to obtain books from the LRC and other university libraries. 

ILL depends on other libraries locating and sending the books and articles, so students should be reminded to allow for two weeks or more to obtain materials.

9.4.   Plagiarism Resources <http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/lrc/plagiarism/>

Concerns about plagiarism are often raised about distance learning.  The LRC offers a number of strategies that online instructors can employ to quell these concerns.


9.5.   Talking to Students about Internet Resources

Today’s students have become very used to using Google and other search engines to find information on the Internet. Often they are not using critical thinking skills to evaluate whether the information is good or not. Contact Steve or any librarian to talk about ways to help your students see that there are different levels of quality of information, and that a quick search of the Internet may not always produce the best answer to their information needs.