MS Word 2007 Shortcuts


         Save. CTRL-S OR button.MS07.JPG/ Save

         Print. CTRL-P OR button.MS07.JPG/ Print

         Print Preview. button.MS07.JPG/ Print / Print Preview

         Open. CTRL-O OR button.MS07.JPG/ Open

         Double Space. CTRL-2 OR Home/button.linespacing.jpg

         Single Space. CTRL-1 OR Home/button.linespacing.jpg

         Center. CTRL-E OR Home / button.aligncenter.jpg

         Align Left. CTRL-L OR Home / button.align left.JPG

         Increase Indent. Home / button.decrease indent.JPG

         Decrease Indent. Home / button.increase indent..JPG

         Hanging Indent. Use Ruler: button.hanging indent.JPG. To view Ruler: View / Ruler

         Insert Manual Page Break: Ctrl-Enter OR Insert / Page Break

         Last Name and Page number in the Top Right Corner:

o   Insert / Header / Blank

o   TAB twice and type Last Name

o   Insert / Page Number / Current Position / Plain Number