SAP Appeal Advisor Checklist

Advisor Responsibilities

       OFFER CURRICULUM SHEET. Print a curriculum sheet, available from the Programs of Study page. Highlight/mark the courses the student needs to complete. Note: Students must select a program offered by BCTC. Students may not remain in a pending program.

       IDENTIFY PREREQUISITES/TRANSITIONAL COURSES. On the curriculum sheet, be sure to identify any required prerequisite courses a student needs to complete as well as transitional classes required by Mandatory Placement.

       COMPLETE PLAN-OF-ACTION FORM. Be sure to include a completed curriculum sheet with the Plan-of-Action form. You do not need to write courses on the Plan-of-Action form if you are providing a curriculum sheet. Completion deadlines are not required.

SAP Information/FAQs

       PENDING PROGRAMS. Students in pending programs such as Nurse Pending are not in a credential bearing program and, for SAP purposes, must select a new program.

       GENERAL INFORMATION. Information about SAP appeals is provided on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Web page.

       DEADLINES. SAP appeals are processed by the Financial Aid Office on a regular basis. Students who miss deadlines are still eligible to submit an appeal but will have to pay for textbooks and tuition out-of-pocket. If their appeal is approved, they will be reimbursed. The Important Financial Aid Dates page lists these deadlines.

       APPEAL REASON. Applicants are required both to "state in detail the reason they have not maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and how the issue has been resolved to insure standards are met in the future." Students should both identify an appeal reason and offer a resolution. Documentation is required. For instance, students who ran into academic problems might provide a statement from a professional who was familiar with their situation.

       ACADEMIC RECORDS. Students should check that their academic records in PeopleSoft are up-to-date and that repeat options or academic bankruptcy requests have been processed.

       HOLD ON TO PAPERWORK. Faculty are recommended to keep copies of any SAP Plan of Action forms they complete.


       SAP Information/Overview

       SAP Appeal Request

       SAP Academic Plan of Action Form

       Sample Completed Plan of Action Form