Biology 135,  Basic Anatomy and Physiology

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Course Description:

The fundamental structure of the human body and the physiological mechanisms involved in normal functioning are presented through lecture and student participation in laboratory activities.” 




Description: Description: Description: Textbook:

Description: Description: Description:


Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology with Essentials of Interactive Physiology CD-ROM, 10/E
Elaine N. Marieb, Holyoke Community College

ISBN-10: 0321707281
ISBN-13: 9780321707284

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
Copyright: 2012
Format: Paper Bound w/CD-ROM; 656 pp



Other Required Materials:

·         # 2 lead pencils for quizzes and exams (pencils WILL NOT be provided).

·         Essentials of Inter-Active Physiology CD-Rom, (provided with text)

·         Crayons, or colored pencils (box of eight)

·         Regular internet access



Division Personnel:


Assistant Dean

Tammy Liles

234K Oswald Building


Dept. Coordinator:

Rebecca McCane

234J Oswald Building


Course Coordinator:

Bill Snyder DMD

Leestown, N109D


Division Secretary:

Phyllis Cunningham

234 Oswald Building,





Open Lab schedule. 

Leestown Campus

Danville Campus

Open labs are during Dr. Snyder’s office hours.  Check your course syllabus for time.  If you need access outside of these hours contact Dr. Snyder at or 246-6701


Contact  James Gentry at:




Lab Activities :  In addition to the virtual labs, The instructions, notes and other materials for lab activities are posted below.   Not all activities are used each semester or by each instructor.   The activities and sequence chosen by your instructor may vary from those listed below. The content of each lab may also be modified to mirror the capabilities of the campus where your class is taught.   Check your syllabus to find which lab activities apply to your section, the sequence and the specific dates and times involved.



Virtual Lab

Lab Directions/homework

Optional materials/notes

Lab orientation/safety

Safety Presentation

( for Leestown campus)


Body organization/Body systems

body systems virtual lab.



Lab Homework

Lecture on terminology

Intro to Microscopy,

Microscopy- Virtual lab


Virtual Microscope




Video on Microscope use


Microscope skills test


Mitosis Virtual lab


Mitosis identification lab from Rutgers

Membrane Transport Mechanisms, Osmosis and diffusion

Pearson unit on these concepts.

These are outside materials.  The content is not maintained by your instructor





Integument (skin and membranes)

Integument virtual lab

Integument directions

Epithelial, and  Nervous Tissues (tissues one)

Epithelial tissues virtual lab


Muscle Nerve virtual lab


Epithelial, nervous, muscle lab directions


Connective tissues

(tissues two)

Connective tissues Virtual lab


Cartilage bone and blood virtual lab


Connective tissues Lab directions


Axial skeleton

Axial skeleton Virtual Lab

Axial skeleton Lab directions


Appendicular skeleton

Appendicular virtual lab.


Anatomy of long bone

Appendicular skeleton lab directions



Muscles, virtual lab

Muscle lab directions


Nervous System

Nervous system Virtual Lab

Nervous system Lab Directions

Sensory Exercises

Senses Anatomy Virtual Lab

Sensory lab directions


Heart dissection

Heart virtual lab


Interactive dissected heart


Heart anatomy lab directions


Blood typing activity


Blood typing game


(This is an outside site. Instructor not responsible for functionality of content)

Blood typing activity directions


Blood vessels activity

Virtual lab vessels

Vessels directions


Respiratory Lab

Respiratory virtual lab

Respiratory Lab directions

Respiratory anatomy directions


Digestive Lab

Digestive Virtual Lab

Diet Analysis exercise

Reproductive Lab

Reproductive Virtual lab

Spread of STD activity directions

Reproductive anatomy directions


Renal Lab

Renal Virtual Lab

Renal physiology/anatomy  lab directions.


Genetics Lab

No related virtual lab.

Genetics Directions




Files in PDF format; require the  free Acrobat Reader  to view


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