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"Were we to confront our creaturehood squarely, how would we propose to educate? The answer, I think is implied in the root of the word education, educe, which means "to draw out." What needs to be drawn out is our affinity for life. That affinity needs opportunities to grow and flourish, it needs to be validated, it needs to be instructed and disciplined, and it needs to be harnessed to the goal of building humane and sustainable societies. Education that builds on our affinity for life would lead to a kind of awakening of possibilities and potentials that lie dormant and unused in the industrial-utilitarian mind. Therefore the task of education, as Dave Forman stated, is to help us 'open our souls to love this glorious, luxuriant, animated, planet.' The good news is that our own nature will help us in the process if we let it."
David Orr

 For more information, please contact Rebecca Glasscock, Associate Professor of Geography and SPEJ Faculty Advisor, at or 859.246.6319.

May 14, 2011

Noon until 6:30 p.m.

BCTC-Cooper grounds

The music:

Noon Nelda Wyatt

12:30 Brandon Knight

1:15 Chinese Dances with Cheryl Pan

2:00 Chasing Dragons

2:45 Sydney Cubit

3:15 Lost Dog

4:00 March Madness

4:45 Tyler Devall Thompson

5:30 Serena Hutchens

6:10 Safiya Nawaar Middle Eastern Dance Company ending participatory dance/drumming

The food:


beans and rice, plantains, yucca, fried pork


Kentucky grass-fed hamburger from Marksbury Farm Market, veggie burgers, baked beans


Valentine ice cream cones (mid-afternoon)

The special activities: (may change slightly)

1:00 Every War Has Two Losers (film in Oswald Auditorium, OB 230)

2:00 The Economics of Happiness (film in Oswald Auditorium, OB 230)

3:00 Once Upon a Dragon Time Puppet Show

4:00 Safiya Nawaar Middle Eastern Dance Company dance class

5:00 The End of Poverty (film in Oswald Auditorium, OB 230)

Videographer:  Ramona Waldman

Emcee: Michael Benton

Trees: 500-600 Redbud to distribute (compliments of UK Forestry)

Participants on the grounds: