2011: If you are interested in gardening at Peace Meal Gardens, please contact rebecca.glasscock@kctcs.edu. Plots are still available at $10 for students and low-income and $20 for everyone else.  If you would like to just help out from time to time, or have a group (scouts, church group, or other), we would love to have you.

Work parties are planned for March 26 (12-4), April 3 (12-4), April 9 (12-4), April 16 (12-4). The date for completing the hoop house has yet to be set. The orchard planting is planned for Friday, April 22 (Earth Day). A work party is planned on National Arbor Day from noon until 4 (April 29).  

The garden is located adjacent to Bluegrass Community and Technical College's Leestown Campus. From the Leestown Campus, go across the length of Parking Lot A. At that point, you will see a chain link gate, a gravel road, and a sign reading "Food Grown Here." Take the gravel road through the thicket and in the clearing, you will see the garden up on your right.      



The 20+ acre property is primarily open, with a slight northerly slope. The soils are not compacted and appear to be of good quality. On the site is a metal utility building, in which surplus equipment is stored and a fenced-in area approximately .5 acre in size. In the fenced-in area are some junked automobiles and car parts.


A request to use the site for a community garden went through the channels, from BCTC’s CFO Lisa Bell to the KCTCS Office. Permission to use the space for a community garden was received in June.


Even though it was very late in the season, a small garden was established in 2008. A sod cutter was used to shape the outlines of a semi-circular garden adjacent to the fenced-in area. Circles of sod were removed within the larger semi-circle. A 210-gallon tank was purchased for collecting water for irrigation. MASH and some other small work parties participated in planting and tending the garden. While our tools were somewhat inadequate to the task, we still planted black-eyed peas, pumpkins, watermelons, tomatoes, broccoli, and marigolds. The black-eyed peas, marigolds, and pumpkins did particularly well, although the deer ate most of the peas.

In 2009, Jessica Ballard ably served as the manager of the market garden; she provided a CSA for six customers and produce for sales to BCTC faculty, staff, and students. Catholic Action Center erected a fence around the two-acre perimeter; the fence was subsequently painted in rainbow colors. About 13 allotment gardeners tended plots.


In 2010, Jessica Ballard ably served as the manager of the market garden; she again provided a CSA and produce for market sales. We obtained a grant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky (funds from the tobacco settlement). With this money, we were able to purchase some needed small equipment and seed. Again, we had about 13 allotment gardeners. Will Samson raised 75 chickens on site.


In 2011, we received a BCTC Transformation Grant to build a hoop house. On March 17 and 18, the hoop house was built under the guidance of Breaking New Grounds. We have about three hours of work still to go on the hoop house. We will be starting plants as soon as the plastic is secured. We have 16 plots assigned so far. This year, we will be planting the first trees in our orchard.