GIS DAY 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oswald Building Lobby

Bluegrass Community & Technical College

9:00AM to 2:00PM


GIS at Bluegrass Community & Technical College  


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a powerful combination of mapping technology and databases, that, when combined, may create an array of spatially arranged data on a map surface for detailed analysis.  Once the domain of a few specialized government agencies and the military, GIS is now utilized by virtually every branch of the government and has become commonplace throughout the private sector.  A GIS may be employed for a stunning variety of applications: environmental, marketing, demographic and urban planning are just a few of the fields in which GIS is currently utilized.  The combination of evolving technologies and applications in GIS, coupled with its tremendous expansion into both the public and private sector, has created a chronic shortage of individuals at both the state and national level who are in possession of solid GIS credentials and training.  Entry-level pay as a qualified GIS technician is modest (and varies from region to region) but with the profound shortage of qualified personnel there is tremendous potential for salary advancement. 

All Bluegrass Community and Technical College faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend and browse the map gallery.  You are encouraged to vote for your favorite map at the kiosk on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 between 9:00AM and 2:00PM in the Oswald Building Lobby

The following eight students will have their maps featured in the gallery.

Mickey Chasteen is pursuing his degree in Environmental Science Technologies at BCTC.  His project shows active landfills in major karst areas across Kentucky.

Tony Fields is pursuing his Certificate in GIS Technology at BCTC.  His project examines seat belt usage across the United States  

Cedric Hale is pursuing his Certificate in GIS at BCTC.  His project examines Kentucky revenue and spending from 1997 to 2007 and estimated revenue and spending through 2017. 

Kyle Howard is pursuing his degree in Environmental Science Technologies at BCTC.  His project examines mountaintop removal in Kentucky and some of the environmental impacts on the state.  



Gabriel Jones will earn four certificates from BCTC, including his Certificate in GIS Technology, in December 2012.  His map looks at English and Math ACT scores by county in Kentucky with relation to per capita income and employment rates.

Paul Puckett is in the Computer and Information Technologies Program at BCTC.  His map assesses the impact average winter temperature has on West Nile Virus cases in selected counties of the USA and the District of Columbia.  

John Raymond is in the Civil Engineering Program at BCTC.  His  project illustrates an environmental remediation process called in-situ  bioremediaton.  

Tyler Smith is pursuing his GIS Certificate, and will be graduating in December 2012 with his AA degree. His map analyzes various factors that have an effect on automobile accidents.

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