Don't Just Play It - Create It!

27 April 2015 - BCTC is proud to announce our brand-new Video Game Design School! Working closely over the past 18 months with Lexington's video-game companies and trade-groups such as RunJumpDev, BCTC now offers a two-year Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Video Game Design. There are two different ways to get your AAS in Video Game Design at BCTC:

  • Creative/Artistic - for students who wish to concentrate on the artistic and multimedia side of the game industry, with extra classes on web design, graphic design, and digital video. For students that wish to explore this path, please contact Tim Birch.
  • Programming/Technical - this computer-information-technology path is ideal for students who wish to concentrate on programming, database, information security, and network administration within the game-design industry. Interested students should contact James Kolasa in BCTC's CIT department.

Either path will teach you the following vital skills necessary for getting a job in the central-Kentucky video-game industry:

  • Game Development (the process of creating a game, from concept to delivery)
  • 2D Artwork for Video Games (texture-mapping, lighting, shaders, etc.)
  • 3D Modeling for Video Games (using AutoDesk Maya, with a free 3-year license for students)
  • 3D Animation (also using Maya, state-of-the art 3D software)
  • Extremely in-depth focus on the Unity Engine, the standard platform of the central-Kentucky game-industry. (Note: Unreal will also be featured, as an elective.)
  • Game Theory (it's not a good game unless it's a FUN game!)
  • And LOTS of hands-on experience in making YOUR game!

BCTC's video-game-design school is offered entirely online to make it easier to get your degree on YOUR schedule, and at YOUR pace. For more information, please contact Tim or James today - classes are already filling up!

For more information on the individual video-game-design courses, click here.