Dr. Valdis Zeps Physics and Astronomy Coordinator

If you are looking to see if there is an astronomy observation, you are in the right place.

All observations (Except Mercury transit) are held at the UK arboretum. We usually meet within a triangle defined by the parking lot, the main building, and the large UK water tower.

You can always check the seeing conditions for yourself from the Clear Dark Sky website (click here). If under "seeing" it looks blue for the evening in question, it is probably a go, but check the status below on the evening of the observation for certainty.

Planned observations (check after 6 pm the day of the observation to see if it is a

Sunday, December 10th, 6:15AM-7:15AM
Title: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, beta Cygnus all in alignment! This triple planet alignment is a great rare opportunity to see three planets all within 1 degree of each other. As a bonus, a beautiful double star beta Cygnus will also be right in the thick of this astronomical event. I know its Sunday, I know classes are over, I know its early, but this is a real treat!!! Weather is also predicted to be excellent. To make it worth your while, it will count as an observation, and the worksheet is real easy.
Status: YES! Definitely a go! Very nice out. Dress warmly.

Tuesday, November 21st, 5:30AM-6:30AM
Title: Saturn, Orion, Winter Triangle, Pleiades

Wednesday, November 8th
Title: Mercury transits the Sun
Status: Cancelled. It was overcast for us, but you can still view it online at

Monday, October 2nd,  8:00-9:30 Title: The Moon Status: Completed
Thursday, August 24rd, 8:30-10:30 Title: Fall Constellations and Jupiter
Status: Completed

   Girl looking through telescope

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