Blackboard Training for Hybrid Courses


I.          Understanding and Building Your Course  - Course Design (15 Minutes)

A.         Blackboard Login

B.        Blackboard Screen Elements

C.        Blackboard Tabs

D.        Blackboard Course Menu

E.        Blackboard Course Management/Control Panel

F.         Using Bread Crumbs

G.        Edit Mode (On - Instructor Mode/Off – Student Mode)

H.        Blackboard Logout


II.         Managing Blackboard Course Menu (15 Minutes)

A.         Collapse/Expand Navigation Area

B.        Hide/Unhide Course Menu

C.        Course Menu Views (List, Folder, Course Menu in Window, Refresh, Reorder Menu Items)

D.        Reorder Course Menu Items

E.        Creating/Naming/Moving/Deleting Navigation Links


III.        Creating Course Syllabus (15 Minutes)

A.         Create Course Syllabus Content

B.        Upload your Course Syllabus (PDF, Word Format, HTML, Softchalk)



IV.        Creating Course Content (45 Minutes)

A.         Create/Manage Content Folders

B.        Build Item/Folder/URL/Course Link

C.        Create/Deploy Assessments

D.        Create Course Assignment Areas


V.         Creating Tools Navigation Link for Learners (15 Minutes)

A.         Create MyGrades, Messages, Email, etc. Tool Links

B.        Hide/Unhide Course Tools


VI.        Communicating and Collaborating (30 Minutes)

A.         Create Announcements

B.        Create/Deploy Discussion Board Forums

C.        Send Bb Messages vs. Bb Email


VII.       Course Management Menu – Tools for Instructors (15 Minutes)

A.         Course Tools Menu

B.        Customization Menu

1.         Properties (Make Course Available)

2.         Style (Menu Style and Entry Point)

3.         Tools Availability (Set Tools Available/Visible)

C.        Packages and Utilities Menu

1.         Course Export/Archive (Export vs. Archive Course Content)

2          Course Copy (Copy Content into Existing Course)


VIII.      Grade Center Management (30 Minutes)

A.         Create Grade Column

B.        Create Calculated Columns (Average, Total, Weighted)

C.        Manage Grading Categories

D.        Manage Column Organization